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Meeting Meter 1.0

Free With the Meeting Meter™ you can develop an agenda and calculate the true cost
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With the Meeting Meter™ you can develop an agenda and calculate the true cost of meetings while they take place. The Meeting Meter™ is a simple tool for creating more effective meetings. Raise awareness of just how expensive meetings can be.
Group meetings often drag on because the participants forget that group time is more expensive than individual time. The Meeting Meter™ increases awareness of group meeting costs and thus encourages people to be more prepared and to alter their behavior during the meeting.
Track the true cost of group discussions. When you want to encourage participants to consider whether it is worth spending more time on an issue, you can tell them how much money has already been spent on particular agenda items and the entire meeting by using the Meeting Meter™.
Manage a work group that tends to stretch out meetings. By making the Meeting Meter™ visible to all participants, you can help the work group become more focused, effective and efficient.
Develop effective meeting formats. Use the Meeting Meter™ to determine most effective content format and discussion flow over time. The program allows you to develop a time budget for the different items on the meeting agenda and track how well the group sticks to the budget. Save the Meeting Meter™ record of each meeting as a separate file to compare which meeting format is most effective.

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